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Inquiry Based Tutoring (IBT) provides a unique approach to learning. IBT is focused on individual needs and self paced academic instruction in an innovative, positive and caring environment. 

We believe that parents and students are eager to undertake academic endeavors at the highest level of excellence that stimulate the minds of everyone involved. 

Our job is to structure a positive and fun learning environment and adapt the curriculum to your child's learning style. The multiple intelligences of Howard Gardner holds dear to our philosophy. Students learn in ways that are unidentifiably distinctive. 

"We serve our children" - Ashly Chavez 





  • "Ashly has been instrumental in helping our son reach the state requirements for kindergarten. We were in desperate need for help as he was falling behind and standard techniques..."
    Leonardo & Olexa Mandelbaum
  • "After six years with our family, I can say, with all my heart, that Ashly is an exceptional young lady. She is kind, intelligent, patient, loving and fun. Ashly is truly a ble..."
    Anastasia Georgas
  • "Ashly is amazing with children. She is patient, connects with the children and very sweet! My Child attends Palm Beach Day Academy, age 8."
    Demetra Halpern

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